freelance digital artist

Hi everyone! I'm Nyota and I'm a digital artist
I specialize in character design, animal artwork, and cartoon illustrations - I usually draw ponies (MLP), lions (TLK), anthro and furries
Pronouns: they/them
Discord: .nyota

for more examples check out my twitter

Busts - 25$

full bodies - simple (standard) - 45-50$

full bodies - complex (fully rendered) - 55-60$

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furry/anthro - 60-70$

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Terms of Service

1. I start to work on the commission after I receive the payment
2. Payment is made via Revolut (preferable) or PayPal
3. Try to provide a character reference and as many details as possible
4. You'll get 1-2 WIP sketches where you can change anything
5. I can change something slightly; after you accept the sketch
6. After that, there will be no refunds and no bigger changes
7. You can always check your commission progress on my Trello
8. I don't modify the finished product
9. You can't remove my signature from my art
10. You are NOT permitted to use my art in training AI models
10. You are allowed to use my art (non-commercial use) if you credit and link to my socials
11. The deadline is up to two months
12. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!
Thank you for supporting me, it really means a lot!Last updated: 03/18/2023